Eradicate Illiteracy

Creating a world that is becoming better through literacy and education


United Nations World Literacy Task Force, Founding Member

In 2022, I was named to the United Nations World Literacy Task Force in partnership with the World Literacy Foundation. I am the youngest founding member and its first Youth Ambassador. I am partnering with JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Amazon, Microsoft, Harper Collins, and more to eradicate illiteracy globally by 2040.

World Literacy Ambassador

Every child, regardless of geographic location should have the opportunity to acquire literacy skills and books to reach their full potential. My work as an author, has afforded me the opportunity to take my advocacy for both literacy and education globally. As a World Literacy Ambassador, I partner with the World Literacy Foundation to provide books, monetary support, and resources to children around the globe. 

From Texas to Somalia. From the Philippines to Australia, we're changing children's lives through literacy. 

Authoring Life 

Every child deserves the opportunity to write the story they want to read. Founded on this principal, Authoring Life, is empowering children and adults from around the globe through literacy resources, books, scholarships, and educational opportunities.

Since its creation in January of 2020, Authoring Life has awarded thousands of scholarship dollars, provided character education resources to 13 U.S. States and 17 countries around the globe, and more to see that every man, woman, and child regardless of geographic location has the opportunity to develop the literacy skills necessary to live the lives they want to live.

The Realm of Becoming

In the Realm of Becoming anything is possible. Digging deeper we find diamond mines, pens bring drawings to life, and mermaids can dance on stage. Through learning foundational traits like resilience, dwarfs, fairies, mermaids and more are becoming better everyday.

Join Izzie and friends in a fantastical world where you too can become better. It is never too late to become who you were created to be.