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Madi is a published author and a literacy advocate from Dallas, Texas.


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United Nations World Literacy Task Force

New York City, New York

"Four years ago I read Proverbs 18:16: "A man's gift makes room for him and brings him before the great." I read that and there was a stirring in my spirit that that could be me. I prayed an audacious prayer. I knew the Lord gave me a story and he had given me many good gifts. I asked, "Bring me before great men to tell your story Lord and to fight for the kids who were like me." In September of 2022. I was invited to the 77th UN General Assembly to give a keynote on behalf of the World Literacy Foundation and as the youngest founding member of the World Literacy Task Force. Four years of working as an author and now I am a global ambassador and a youth advocate for literacy, writing, and reading with children around the world.


Now I work with JP Morgan, TATA consulting, Goldman Sachs, Duolingo, and more to bring books to the communities that need them most. And guess what? I fought for Texas! So Dallas, Texas will be one of the 10 cities we work with first. What an honor."

World Literacy Foundation Ambassador

Melbourne, Australia

"After reaching out to several of my contacts, one of my dear friends asked if I had considered applying for an ambassadorship with the World Literacy Foundation. Every year, the World Literacy Foundation runs a free global program to train and encourage youth individuals to become literacy advocates and generate change in their communities. The ambassador program is an incredible platform to interact, share and strengthen togetherness with other like-minded people determined to eradicate illiteracy worldwide.


I knew I had little chance of getting the ambassadorship. I was just a small author from McKinney, Texas. The odds of being selected for the program were astronomical; but I prayed about the opportunity, and gave it to the Lord. I did not know why I had this desire, but I knew the Lord would place me where I was supposed to be. And He did! I was selected from over 900 applicants from around the world as a World Literacy Ambassador.

I have had the opportunity to speak at their school, university, media or community group to raise awareness and advocate for literacy. I have also helped to support the education of vulnerable children, and developed my leadership and advocacy skills... And my friends call me Madame Ambassador." 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities to make a difference for literacy.

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