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Madi's Story: 

Literacy is foundational to lifelong learning and education. People who cannot read or write experience difficulties with simple everyday tasks such as reading the label of a medicine bottle, filling in a job application, or understanding a traffic sign. The “3rd Grade Benchmark,” is indicative of the future success a child will have in school. It was a benchmark Madi Franquiz missed. Living in poverty during her 2nd grade year, her family struggled with access to basic necessities of life, including books. Madi never dreamed that someone like her could one day attend college, much less write a book, or compete for Miss Texas. 

Today, Madi is a graduate student who is on track to begin her PhD in 2026. She is a best-selling, award-winning, published children's author, having published eight books. She is also a professional public speaker having traveled over 30,000 miles within the last six months on speaking engagements. Madi beat the statistics. A journey that began with one book, took one woman to the floor of the 77th United Nations General Assembly to advocate for children who missed the same benchmark as her. Because of the early intervention of community members, Madi was given access to books to imagine a different world for herself. She wants the same opportunity for children everywhere.

Madi is the founder and director of Authoring Life, an international 501(c)3 that has been actively involved in early intervention in children's literacy for four years. Authoring Life provides books, literacy resources, scholarships, and educational opportunities to children across Texas and around the globe. Madi has been selected as a World Literacy Foundation Ambassador and appointed to serve on the World Literacy Taskforce operating under the United Nations SDG 4. She is both a founding member and its first Youth Ambassador. 

Madi is quick to acknowledge that after her love for the Lord, her family is her greatest joy and top priority. They are the inspiration behind her stories and the support system that inspires her to become all she was created to be. Madi spends her free time with her church community and her long-time friends. Madi views everyday as a new adventure, enjoying every moment whether that is a journey to the laundromat or a National Park. You can usually find her outdoors training for her next Spartan race or reading a good book.

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