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Hi! I'm Madi.

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I am a graduate student, small business owner, an international non-profit CEO, and a published children's author. I am also the youngest founding member of the United Nations World Literacy Task Force and its first Youth Ambassador.


My friends call me "Madame Ambassador," but I'm really just Madi. In my free time, I take the opportunity to travel the world to speak on literature, literacy, and life. Furthermore, I live out my calling with the work I do to eradicate illiteracy around the globe through early intervention.


I envision a world where every child can read, write, and be confident to share their story as this enables them to reach their full potential – succeeding at school and beyond. This work begins, right here, in Texas. From a student living in poverty and attending a Title 1 school, to a graduate student on track to obtain my PhD, books opened up a world of possibility that I did not see for myself. I want that same opportunity for all students, regardless of their zip code.

United Nations

World Literacy Foundation



Dollar General

Dallas Mavericks

TATA Consulting


Goldman Sachs



JP Morgan

Harper Collins

Hachette Book Group

Forbes Magazine


And more...

I have had the opportunity to partner with some incredible brands and corporate entities. Some of the brands I work with are... 

For My Nonprofit

Authoring Life works to eradicate childhood illiteracy through early intervention so that every child has the opportunity to write the story they want to read. Through books, literacy resources, scholarships, and educational opportunities, Authoring Life is on a mission to ensure that every child, regardless of zip code, has the opportunity to acquire the literacy skills and books they need to become who they were created to be.

Writing and Social Media Services

Literacy Advocacy

Literature and Storytelling

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