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We all want to become better, we just don't know how to get there. At the age of 22, Madi found herself ultimately unfulfilled in her career path and in her personal development. After years of struggling with insecurity, and in the midst of an identity crisis, Madi knew something had to change. In August of 2019, her life was radically transformed forever.

Through her journey in the last three years, Madi has become an author, an internationally recognized speaker, and the founder of a women's empowerment organization called Becoming 31. Not wanting other children to experience the consequences of an unfulfilled life, Madi authored The Realm of Becoming Series to engage children at an early age with important traits that develop identity and cultivate a sense of both passion and purpose.

Understanding that children are concrete thinkers who understand what they can see, smell, and touch, Madi created a world where traits like resilience, discipline, empathy, integrity, and versatility can be understood through the magical and fun journeys of Izzie and friends. In the Realm of Becoming anything is possible. Digging deeper we find diamond mines, pens bring drawings to life, and mermaids can dance on stage. Through learning foundational traits like resilience, dwarfs, fairies, mermaids and more are becoming better everyday. Join Izzie and friends in a fantastical world where you too can become better. It is never too late to become who you were created to be.


Order your copy of the award-winning Priyah and the Magic Pen and Izzie Goes Digging by clicking the icons below! All proceeds of The Realm of Becoming series go to benefit literacy and education efforts around the globe.

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"Priyah and the Magic Pen," is the award winning second book in "The Realm of Becoming," series. Just like many children today, Priyah finds herself comparing her gifts and talents to others. This book is intended to start a conversation between the reader and a young audience about friendship, self-esteem, and ultimately purpose. This timely and relevant book shows children of all ages that we were created on purpose, for purpose. No gift is too small, no talent too little. We have everything we need to change the world. It's time we believe it.

Purchase "Priyah and the Magic Pen," below on Amazon or anywhere books are sold.

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"Izzie Goes Digging," first book in "The Realm of Becoming," takes us through a journey with Izzie in the dwarf mine. Izzie's struggle with failure, bullies, and her own self doubt are all themes that can be easily understood by the reader. Intended to open a conversation with both children and adults, "Izzie Goes Digging," teaches children the importance of resilience to accomplishing their goals and reaching for big dreams. Armed only with a pick ax and her grit, Izzie is an inspiration to us all as she reminds us that when life gets tough sometimes you just have to keep digging.

Purchase "Izzie Goes Digging," below on Amazon or anywhere books are sold.

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The Realm of Becoming Series: Testimonials

Best Kids Book For All of My 7 Kids!!!


Amazing book that all my kids loved! Told a story of strength and creativity, proving that everybody is amazing at something. Will look forward to reading this book over and over!

Elon M. Priyah and the Magic Pen

Thought Provoking

Loved how this author was able to show the realization of fear and frustration to open those discussions. I also value the fact that this book points out "Hard Work" pays off and not a trophy for everyone. Good Job! Look forward to more in this series!

Cindy K. Izzie Goes Digging

Priyah and the Magic Pen is a wonderful little story with a magical journey that gives an important reminder to young readers. The magical element in this story emphasizes that each person has a different way of using talent and helping others. It’s a sweet little tale with a strong and big message that I recommend to parents and teachers as part of their discussion activities with kids.

Vincent D. Priyah and the Magic Pen

Izzie and friends are becoming better every day. Stay tuned for more adventures in the Realm of Becoming!

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