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A trailblazer and visionary for character education and women, Madi Franquiz has been at the forefront of cultural trends and ground-breaking literacy and education advocacy for four years.

A study by Florida State University found that just 7.5% of nearly 6,000 picture books published in a ten year span depict female protagonists. When reading this statistic, Madi was burdened by it. She is passionate about demonstrating to girls that God created them on purpose for purpose. They have everything they need in Jesus to lead passionate and purposeful lives- it is time they see it. Madi has created female characters who are strong leaders. Furthermore, Madi loves to share stories that inspire character. She writes about essential character traits in everyday language so that youth, families, churches, leaders and individuals of all ages can lay a foundation for better character. This includes leveraging resources based on years of experiences, new technologies and strategic partnerships.

Since 2019, Madi has written or co-authored eight children's books, including Priyah and the Magic Pen and The Gems in Your Crown: Sapphire. Madi’s books have been translated into four different languages including Arabic and Chinese.

Today, Madi is currently working on her second novel. She is excited to share it with you soon.

MANUSCRIPT Realm of Becoming- Priyah and the Magic Pen (8.65 x 8.75 in) (1).png


Priyah and the Magic Pen

"Priyah and the Magic Pen," is the award winning second book in "The Realm of Becoming," series. Just like many children today, Priyah finds herself comparing her gifts and talents to others. This book is intended to start a conversation between the reader and a young audience about friendship, self-esteem, and ultimately purpose. This timely and relevant book shows children of all ages that we were created on purpose, for purpose. No gift is too small, no talent too little. We have everything we need to change the world. It's time we believe it.

Purchase "Priyah and the Magic Pen," below on Amazon or anywhere books are sold.

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