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Growing up a girl isn't always easy. The pressure to be perfect can be crippling. Girls struggle with peer pressure, bullies, and making the right decisions. That's why The Gems in Your Crown series is designed to equip girls to develop strong character and integrity. These books serve as a beautiful reminder to girls everywhere that God wants a relationship with them. When they make the decision to follow Jesus, they are well on their way to becoming women after God's own heart.

The Gems in Your Crown is based on a character building curriculum Madi designed while competing within the Miss America Organization. Becoming Better is a holistic character-education curriculum that has been integrated into school curriculum across the United States with a message that has reached 22 million people to date. The foundational five traits (resilience, discipline, empathy, integrity, and versatility) are symbolized by a different gem at the center of each workbook. With activities, devotionals, stories, and more, The Gems in Your Crown series is designed specifically to equip your daughter or special girl in your life to become all she was created to be. This series is sure to be a treasure in your home for years to come.

Madi prays that this workbook is liberating for both you and your girl. We can agree that we are all on a journey to becoming something. The question is: who are you becoming?

Becoming Better- TOPAZ MANUSCRIPT (8 × 10 in).png


Priyah feels left out.

She wants to change the world like her talented friends. She just can't see how she can do that with only a pen.


Will Priyah change the world with just a pen?

Find out in the Topaz Workbook of the Gems in Your Crown.

Becoming Better- RUBY.png



Catherine has a big dream.

But she will need discipline to accomplish it.


Will Catherine attain her dream of taking centerstage?

Find out in the Ruby Workbook of the Gems in Your Crown.

Becoming Better- EMERALD.png


Leigh loves to game.

She finds videogames and characters easier to understand than her friends and family around her.


Will Leigh learn to understand the emotions of those around her?

Find out in the Emerald Workbook of the Gems in Your Crown.

Becoming Better- SAPPHIRE (8 × 10 in) (8.125 × 10.25 in).png


Diana has a lot going on. She doesn't know how she's going to juggle it all.


Will Diana have what it takes to make the grade?


Find out in the Sapphire Workbook of the Gems in Your Crown.

Becoming Better- DIAMOND (8.125 × 10.25 in).png


Izzie is struggling.

She's unsure if it's her glasses or her love of science, but the kids at school keep picking on her. 


Will Izzie dig in to overcome the bullies at school? 

Find out in the Diamond Workbook of the Gems in Your Crown.

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